the telc German Test

Take the telc German Test at the inlingua Freiburg language school. We offer telc tests for all levels of the Common European Framework of Languages. 

The exams at the levels of B1, B2 und C1-Hochschule (College) take place every 3 months. We would be delighted to organize individual appointments for all other levels. Please feel free to contact us. 

Telephone: 0761- 216 887 0 / E-Mail

  • DTZ - Deutschtest für Zuwanderer - A2/B1 (German test for immigrants)
  • B1 Zertifikat Deutsch(naturalisation)
  • B2
  • C1 Hochschule (university admission)


Your next telc German exams*


Exams in 2021*Date

DTZ - Deutschtest für Zuwanderer - A2/B1
(German test for immigrants)

Saturday, 20th February 2021
Saturday, 10th April 2021

telc Deutsch B1

Saturday, 17th April 2021
Saturday, 5th June 2021

telc Deutsch B2

Saturday, 6th February 2021
Saturday, 27th February 2021
Saturday, 27th March 2021
Saturday, 8th May 2021
Saturday, 26th Junne 2021

telc Deutsch C1

Saturday, 15th May 2021

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule
(University Admission)

Saturday, 6th March 2021
Saturday, 12th June 2021

Fees* for your exam:


DTZ - Deutschtest für Zuwanderer - A2/B1 (German test for immigrants)120 EUR
telc Deutsch B1150 EUR
telc Deutsch B2150 EUR
telc Deutsch C1160 EUR
telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University Admission)160 EUR

* incl. 19 % VAT

Download the registration form Initiates file downloadhere.

Please be aware of the following:

  • All telc exams must be registered for within 30 days of the exam taking place.
  • For new customers, an extra registration fee of €35 will have be paid in addition to the exam fee - except for DTZ exams.
  • The registration is binding.
  • 4 - 18 participants


Good knowledge of German has its reasons

I want my foreign professional qualifications to be recognized
•    With a telc Deutsch B2 Certificate, you can prove that you have sufficient language skills for the recognition of your foreign professional qualifications (e.g. nursing staff).

I want to acquire a German passport – German citizenship
•    As an immigrant, with a telc Deutsch B2 Certificate you can show the immigration department a sufficient level of language ability in order to apply for German citizenship.

I want to attend a German university (university admission)
•    For the enrolment at a German university programme, Freiburg University admits the following language certificates: DaF Test, DSH-2 or 3, as well as telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule.

My spouse also wants to come to Germany
•    Should your spouse wish to relocate to Germany (reunion of family), a visa is usually required. For your visa application, German embassies accept telc Deutsch A1 / Zertifikat Start Deutsch 1 certificates.

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